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Average, and okay with it.


  1. of the usual or ordinary amount, standard, level, or rate.

2. having qualities that are seen as typical of a particular person, group, or thing.

3. mediocre; not very good.

  • Contemplating your purpose is normal
    My purpose was to be a girlfriend, then a wife, then a mother. I would spend my life devoted to this other purpose and to these kids. That for me, was winning at life.
  • Seasonal depression, seasonal sadness, winter blues, whatever you want to call it
    Right now myself and a whole lot of other people are starting to feel the winter blues. It’s part of our lives and will remain so for the next few months. If you find yourself affected by this too, you’re not alone.
  • An Average Day
    Every day life isn’t meant to be extraordinary. This doesn’t take away its value. It doesn’t take away its importance. The average day of an average human is boring. Nevertheless, an average boring day will make up the majority of our lives. Let’s live it.
  • The Average Woman
    If you’re intelligent, ignorance isn’t an excuse. There’s no victory in failing to meet your expectations. You must fulfil your potential. Were you top of the class once upon a time in a village far away? You should be curing cancer in your thirties.