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An Average Day

There’s nothing special about my day. And that in itself is worthy of being noted. Every day life isn’t meant to be extraordinary. This doesn’t take away its value. It doesn’t take away its importance. The average day of an average human is boring. Nevertheless, an average boring day will make up the majority of our lives. Let’s live it.

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There’s no escaping work. It takes up the majority of our day, awake for roughly 15 hours, working for about 8-9 hours of that pie chart. I wake up with work on my mind. How am I going to respond to an email I’m anticipating? My mind ticks and writes up lists of my tasks. Briefly I consider what I’ll have for lunch. Food is always on my day to day mind. Thankfully I have a job where I can switch off once I clock off. I try to not think about work outside of work hours. Nevertheless some thoughts creep through. Lately I find myself dreaming about work. Nothing bad, but one dream is still one too many.


I think about food when I’m not thinking about work. I don’t eat breakfast but I like a milky coffee: latte or cappuccino would do me fine. It doesn’t even need to be caffeinated. I just like the comfort. I find food comforts me a lot these days. I eat lunch at 12:00. Work has a restaurant on site so for a subsidised amount I could get a cooked meal. However, I still opt for the sandwich, wrap or bagel option. It sits more easily and doesn’t make me sleepy. After lunch, I try to get in a 15 minute walk to fail again at getting my targeted 10k steps daily. I snack a lot in the evenings. Fruit, when I’m being good, crisps when I’m not. Hopefully it balances out. I don’t keep track anymore. It doesn’t bring peace. Dinner depends on my mood. Sometimes I can bring myself to mess up my tiny kitchen, dirty too many pots and pans, produce a meal that’s eaten too quickly to reflect the amount of washing up I have to do afterwards. Too often, we resort to ordering out, or if I plan ahead, stick some frozen oven food in for a quick and cheap meal.


I’ve been meaning to swap this out for something more useful like reading or exercise. Maybe something creative. Do I need another hobby? Do I have enough hobbies? God knows. Every now and then, I spend my evenings productively but the average day finds me slumped in front of the tv, not daring to stimulate my brain anymore than needed. I call it Mental exhaustion. There’s so much stimulation throughout the day that I no longer want to engage in anything that requires thinking by the time I clock off work.

Is this it?

No, not really. There’s various interactions like going to the GP, picking up milk from the local shop, getting fuel – and crying at the extortionate prices. Most of all, there’s the interaction with loved ones. For me, my partner and my two budgies. I squeeze in weekly calls and texts to friends. Forgive me for having to put a reminder on my phone for it. It’s not that I don’t want to interact with them, not at all, but we all live busy lives (evidently TV watching takes up a lot of time) and that’s my way of making sure I stay in touch in this disconnected world. Does anyone do that? Of course we meet up every 2-3 months for a social and catch up. I have friends from different jobs so this keeps me fairly actively social throughout the year.

The part I always hate about my day is cleaning up. There seems to be an endless amount of laundry. Living in a flat with no garden means I hang up my drying clothes, and unfortunately usually forget they’re hanging until I need the space for the next load of washing. The kitchen never stays clean and free. Even stripping the bed is a whole calorie burn workout. I ponder how many hours of my life is spent cleaning. The task is never done, and that’s the average day.


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