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The Average Woman

It’s easy to get lost in this world. We’re told ‘you can be anything you want to be’, and for me that meant I had to stand out. There was little happiness in this pursuit.

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Life is full of ups and downs. Back and forths. Change, change, change. And I suppose you don’t really know whether you lived a worthy life until the end. Then how are you supposed to know if you’re doing it right?

So you try to stand out. There’s no prize in being ordinary. Even when you’re trying to fit in, you’re supposed to bring something new and original to the table. No one likes a copycat. So you find yourself seeking a niche, something that makes you stand out. Not too much. We can’t draw attention too much or they’ll say we’re asking for trouble. Be intelligent and classy, even though we don’t get paid as much as our gender opposites who don’t come near to this description, in order to paid for those classy outfits and meals.

On that note, we must know how to cook, prep meals for a week in endless tupperwares, eat a decent portion because we’re not models, go to the gym and wear those tight crop tops and shaped leggings while doing dead lifts.

If you’re intelligent, ignorance isn’t an excuse. There’s no victory in failing to meet your expectations. You must fulfil your potential. Were you top of the class once upon a time in a village far away? You should be curing cancer in your thirties. Are you lucky enough to live in a first world country, in the capital of the land? You should be in a business suit, six inch heels, face airbrushed like a mannequin. Of course you should be drinking at the pub or club, all the cool girls are doing it, but you must take part in the next charity 10k run as well. You can’t be normal. You can’t be boring. You can’t be average.

I spent so long trying to fit this scene. What an unhappy scene. So much do, do, do. There was no time for anything. Even meditating was so that I could be mindful and manage the constant demands of life.

Average, is what I settled on. The state at which I could breathe. Average didn’t recognition. Not trying anything at all. Just living. Just get through life, in my little corner of the world, on my own terms within the society I am placed in.

Average is peace. Happiness. Contentment. There’s so much joy is accepting what I am. Living day to day. Finding happiness in everyday life.


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